Monday, 11 July 2011

Paper trail...

In my recent internet travels, I found this awesome video on a blog called Paper Crave. The blog is written by Kristen Magee, a paper enthusiast, who blogs about all her stationary, craft, and paper findings. For anyone who loves Paperchase and Hobby Craft like me, this is a really cool blog! Check.It.Out. Soooo, anyway as I perused the recent Paper Crave posts, and I came across this post on an artist called Bianca Chang who does cool things with paper. 

Oh my dizzleee...right? Right?! How cool is this!...and how does she do it?! I know that's what you were thinking...don't pretend you weren't. 

And THEN I remembered this guy, Peter Callesen who also creates amazing paper art like these bad boys... 

His work has been around for a while but it still amazes me every time I see it! Wonderful. 

Hope you've enjoyed, 

Have a lovely day! x

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  1. wow i love callesen's work
    he's freaking amazing!!!