Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Explosions in the Sky


Love this band, and this is my new favourite song at the moment. Getting me through revision.....so chilled! Enjoy.

Z x

Material Girl

It is currently the 'end of year exams' period for most students in the UK whether you are at school, college or university and I think we can all agree...these are stressful times. Sooo whilst I realise that with an exam looming tomorrow, I should be cramming those last little bits of knowledge into my brain, I feel it's important to relax, and chill out.... So obviously, me and my flat mate are sat in my room talking about things we would buy if money wasn't an issue. It all came up because we were discussing the woes of pre-exam stress, and talking about how amazing it would be if it all paid off, we actually did really well (fingers crossed!) and ended up being young and rich and successful/ rich and successful at some point in our lives. This is the goal. :) we'll see. Anyway yer, so we were talking about what we would buy and we both said different things, she said lots of nice holidays and I said Louboutins. I realise this makes me sounds very materialistic, but the whole point of the conversation was to be materialistic and Louboutins are what I want I say!! I think they would probably be one of the first nice things I would buy to treat myself, .... not like where I've saved up to buy a pair, but where I can actually afford to spend £500 willy nilly, and think nothing of it. How amazing would that be?! In which case I have A LOT of hard work ahead of me! 

So we decided to go online and drool over the the different styles and colours of Louboutin....and then I stupidly made the bold statement "By the time I'm 27 I will own a pair of Louboutins, not where I've saved, but where I can afford them." She is holding me to this. Unlikely.  

Procrastinating even further, I decided to make a list of things that I would like to own at some point in my life.

Statement Louboutins...or Cinderella shoes as I would call them.

 Classic black Louboutins...

...and obviously a nude pair aswell. 

I was going to do bags as well, but i'll save that for another day when I don't have an exam tomorrow!! :/ woops....
What would you buy if money wasn't an issuse? Hope you've enjoyed this post!

Have a lovely day! x

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Twinkle twinkle...

Oh how I love my twinkley fairy lights, don't they just make everything look more magical?! ...vom.

But seriously though. They do. Look!

 Okay last one....
 ...okay just two more then...

  But seriously though, this is the last one.

Have a twinkley day/night! x

A Feast for the Eyes!

I miss Australia. *sigh*  As mentioned in an earlier post, I went to Melbourne last summer for a month and it was uhhhmazing! It was their winter, which is actually surprisingly colder than you would think! But it was fine for me as I am not a very good at coping in hot weather...I tend to get all hot and bothered...and according to my family, I pull this grimace which is completely unintentional, but which occurs whenever the temperature goes above 20 degrees or there abouts. I digress. So I was looking back through the photo's and I was reminded of some of the amazing graffiti that I discovered in Melbourne!!

I was told by a few people that the best way to explore a city is to just walk around with no specific purpose in mind except to get a bit lost. So that's what I did; with my ipod, some comfy shoes and a bottle of water, I set off out to explore Melbourne. Melbourne is a huge city and there is no way that you can fully experience it in one day, but I had a little taste on that one day and loved it! I had heard that there were some great little streets with graffiti and one particularly famous one called ACDC lane, named after the band ACDC who are actually Australian themselves! I had no idea. Anyway, this was the only place that I had specifically wanted to see so I set off in search, and found so many other cool things along the way! Here are a few of the snaps I took :) 

 Apparently, I was told, that trainers hung on a wire like this are a sign that drug dealers operate in the area? Can anyone confirm this for me? I think this has probably just been done for effect but I could be wrong. :/

It's all so coooool!!! It's not like the rubbishy graffiti that you see which are just 'tags' or squiggles as I would rather call them. These are actually art in my opinion and there was so much to see; it was a feast for the eyes!

What are your views on street art/graffiti? Hope you've enjoyed! 

Have a lovely day! x

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Ed Sheeran - A Team

Ed Sheeran is a new acoustic artist who recently released this track 'The A Team'. The song and video give me shivers. Have a watch and let me know what you think.

Have a lovely day! x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

'Cause baby you were NOT born this way.'

I had actually planned a completely different post for this evening, but I came across this picture today and oh how this woman annoys me! She is just ridiculous. I'm talking about Lady Gaga if you hadn't already recognised her under that ridiculous costume.

Now I'm all for individuality and I agree with the point that she seems to be trying to make with her image and recent track 'Born This Way'. The message seems to be that it's okay to be different and to just 'be who you are'. ...That's all fine. But surely she contradicts herself in creating such average, main stream music? She dresses in these weird costumes and puts on this front that this is who she is and blah blah blah, but doesn't it just seem fake?! If she truly believed in the message she is sending, it would be reflected in her music as well as her dress. But then perhaps she wouldn't be so successful. In reality she is just after money and attention and publicity, and so if making repetitive mainstream music means that she can get all of that then apparently that's what she will do! Fair enough I suppose, she needs to make a living, but I just feel like she's making such a big deal about being all different and it's just TOO MUCH I tell you! Don't get me wrong, I will acknowledge that she is actually quite a talented musician and I think its great that she writes her own music. And its catchy music too. That's her trick you see, she writes catchy music and lures you in, and you can't help but sing along...though every time I find my self singing or bopping along to her music, I realise and then get angry all over again! I did actually used to like her, and I felt like every one gave her a bit of a hard time. But her new album....just no. It's too much, she's gone too far, its not cool, no. NO! I could go on but I will stop. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who disagree with me, but I hope there are some out there who agree with me??

Here are a few more of her ridiculous outfits! 

Remember the meat dress...what the EFF!

She used to have a good level of uniqueness, and I actually really liked the whole geometric shapes thing that she did for a while!

See I can appreciate these! They're interesting aesthetically pleasing and still fairly 'normal'. 

I suppose though, then some could argue, what is 'normal'....and that the only reason why she is seen as 'ridiculous' is because she doesn't conform to the boundaries of society...?

Nope. I'm standing by my original argument. She contradicts herself and her message, and she's fake. Like when she came out with her second album all of a sudden she had horns on her face and body....its just a whole new level of crazy! 

Haha, I thought I'd just put in this one last photo 'cause its just funny. Does anyone else think she looks like the gimp in Pulp Fiction? Mega lol. 

What are your views on meat dresses and gimp outfits?

Hope you've enjoyed!

Have a lovely day! x

Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Styles of 90210 - Get the look.

 I was watching 90210 last week and seriously, how good is it at the moment?! Will Silver get better? Will Adriana get found out? OH EM JEE. So many questions! Anyway, I was watching it and thinking about the different styles which are worn on the show. Each of the girls have their own individual style which I love and I thought I would do a little run down of each style and where you might find them on the high street! :)

So, without further ado, let us begin.


Annie's style is probably the one that I like the most. It is simple, casual and comfortable looking, without looking boring.

Leggings with loose fitting shirts, and over sized cardigans, light jackets and cropped jeans, little ankle boots, give the look of effortless style and comfort. The high street stores that would cater for this style are most probably Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

I have been very technical and made them all clickable, so if you like it you can go straight there! :) But I apologise for the fact that you have to keep scrolling down....can anyone tell me how to put two pictures side by side?


Silvers style is much more quirky with bold prints and lots of colour. She often wears 'ethnic' style jewellery, and mixes slouchy casual vests with tighter skinny jeans. High street options could be H&M, Topshop and maybe Urban Outfitters as well?

I love this jumpsuit!! The colours are my favouriteee, and the print is lovely and bold.


Adriana's style is completely different to Silver and Annie's and in all honesty probably my least favourite, only because it's probably least like my own style. She wears a lot of prom style dresses, and short skirts with pale pinks etc. Her style is generally quite girly, and I'm thinking she'd probs shop at Miss Selfridge. Here are some more highstreet possibilities.


Naomi's style is again, very different to the others in that hers seems to be very classic and tailored. She wears much more expensive/designer looking clothes in often quite neutral, or soft colours. Perhaps Mango or Zara?


And finally Ivy. Ivy's style is very bohemian/surfer style, with baggy vest tops and t-shirts, little denim shorts and oversized cardigans. At the moment she seems to be sporting quite a lot of Ikat / Aztec prints which I love and which are huge for this summer! Topshop or Forever 21 are both great places to go to create a similar look. 

I really love her relaxed layed back boho style which is right on trend for this summer. :)

So that concludes my 90210 style post! I hope you have all enjoyed/ found this useful! These are just my personal opinions on what I think they may wear from the high street, however I am a strong believer in following your own style. Use these as inspiration, and then go with it! :)

Let me know if you like this kind of style/get the look post and I will try and do more!

Have a lovely day! x