Friday, 15 July 2011

Cupcakes Galore!

So anyway, cupcakes. How nice are they? Really nice. 

Yesterday, I was at work and I got a lovely treat. It came in the form of a small lemon meringue......CUPCAKE! You thought I was going to say pie didn't you! Cheeky. 

But it was just glorious you know. So glorious in fact, that I felt that I needed to share it with you! Apparently they are very tricky to make, "but it is SO worth the hassle" she said. I think it might be a fun little activity for the weekend! Although, actually, maybe not. I'm trying to eat healthily in some deluded hope that I will achieve a toned 'beach bod' in a matter of weeks. Unrealistic much? 

But anyway, back to the cupcakes. They were lovely and light, and apparently to make them, you have to do a layer of cake mix and then a layer of lemon curd and alternate it like that. And THEN there's the lovely meringue gooey goodness on the top, which is just delightful. I wish I had a photo of said meringue on cake...but alas, they were too good to waste any time photographing!! But here is a photo which I pinched off the Internet 

How nice does that look! My mouth is watering. Its just cute. Cupcakes are cute!

This is one I took of some butterfly cakes that we had, a few weeks ago. Yum!

And of course I had to have a look on Weheartit for some cupcake pictures which are also Uhh-mazing! 

I have a bit of a sweet tooth if you hadn't already noticed... Do you share the same passion for eating cupcakes as I do? Hah, I totes seem like a greedy little pig now...

Hope you have enjoyed this sugary sweet post! 

Have a lovely daaay! x

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