Sunday, 10 July 2011

Gustav Klimt

Look what I got!!

Finally bought some Barry M cracky black nail effects polish, which I used over the top of Models Own Gold Rush nail polish. I love this combination!!! (This is day 3 or 4, so doesn't look quite as fresh and lovely as it did when first applied) 

I did find however that it is best applied thinly, as otherwise it goes kinda lumpy... Also, you should probably do a layer of clear over the top, as when it dries, which is VERY quickly might I add... (you must be speedy when painting) it is a matte black, so doing a top coat will give it a gloss, and strengthen too! 

I really love the combination of the black and gold. It kinda reminds me of like old antique gold frames, and vintagey things. It's got that old look about it, doesn't it? DOESN'T IT?! It does. 

It got me thinking about the artists Gustav Klimt. I know....its a shady link, but my mind works in mysterious ways! He uses a lot of gold in his work, and I absolutely LOVE the way he paints with such technical skill in his portraits, and combines it with intricate pattern and colour. I would describe his work as luxurious and very grand, but not in a traditional way like many of the portraits of the 17th and 18th century. That said, he was an artist of the 'modern' era and hence his work is much more innovative and experimental than that of the traditional painters. 

(image found here)

This is one of Klimt's most famous paintings, 'The Kiss' (oil and gold leaf on canvas) which was painted in 1907. See the link now? its a tenuous link....but there's a link nevertheless! I absolutely love the way that he used gold leaf and bright colour so generously as if there can never be enough! A feast for the eyes if ever there was one! Yes, I knowww, I've used that phrase before...but it applies its self so WELL to so many different situations. I will use it again, just so you know. 

(image found here)

See what I mean about the luxurious-ness! Amazing. I used his work as inspiration for a piece that I painted during my A levels! 

Here are some more of my favorites which I stole off of da internet. Innit. ...Must.Stop.Saying.Innit.      Innit...

Hope you have enjoyed this kind of post! I have. I might do more.

Have a GLORIOUS day! x 

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