Friday, 1 July 2011

Life in Technicolor

I went to a funfair in Cambridge last weekend and took some photos while I was there. I was SWELTERING in the heat, and was NOT dressed appropriately. Note to self: Wear breathable fabric....preferably a dress, in 30 degree heat. Trousers with any percentage of viscose or polyester are not acceptable. Anywho here are the pictureesss, there's only a couple though. 

I love all of the coloursss :) so perrddyy. The colours and sounds and smells at a funfair are so unique and quite exciting I think. Especially with amusements like the dodgems, and games where you win colourful toys. It's old school fun innit. Only down side of this afternoon was that I lost my phone, :/ damn you shallow pockets! I'm still getting used to this camera thing, and still learning about different settings...but right now I just love the manual focus! 

Found these on weheartit / flickr. This is what I aspire to! 


P.S. LOVE Coldplay at the moment. So 'Life in Technicolor' / 'Every teardrop is a waterfall' are on repeat. 


Have a lovely day! x

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