Wednesday, 22 June 2011


This week I've been feeling crafty. Like a crafty fox. So what did I do? I made things of course! It was great actually and once I get into it  I'm very content! It was both Fathers day and my Mums birthday this weekend, so I was busy with making cards and cakes, and presents!

I'll start by showing you the present that I made for my Mum. I normally buy birthday presents from the shops but, being a little skint at the moment, and feeling the creative flow, I decided to make something. She is currently training to be a counsellor and so I thought a nice present might be to make her an appointments book for her clients.

At first I was thinking of just buying a journal/book type thing and decorating it, but then I realised that once she finished the paper she would have to go and buy another one and the one I'd decorated would be useless...NOT ideal. But then, I came across this bad boy!

Just a plain ring binder file which I thought could be pimped up a treat! I wasn't sure what to do with it at first as I wanted to do something that looked pretty and feminine but still looked partially professional? ....Not sure how well I stuck to the professional aspect but it was definitely feminine! I decided to cover it, and used an old top to do so! 

Like an idiot, I forgot to show a few things such as how I made the plaque on the front, (again using some black cotton from the sleeve of an old top) the pocket on the inside, or how I finished the file by edging the spine and the insides with ribbon. None of this could have been done without my beloved glue gun, which apparently we have had in the house for years, and which I am officially claiming as mine! 

I got a bit glue gun happy and used it again for my Mums birthday card which was also really fun to make! 

This is the blank card that I began with.....

....and the felt that I used to create.....

...the rose garden!!!! 

Seriously I don't think you understand how in love I am with felt roses. They're so easy to make and the result is so pretty and unique each time! All of which was made much easier with my glue gun of course. I'm totes making more of these and sewing them onto stuff! 

They can be used as pretty decorations too!

Anyway I'm sleepy now, and my bed is calling me! Speak to you soon! 

Have a lovely day/evening! x

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