Sunday, 17 July 2011

Easy Like a Sunday Morning

I'm genuinely so content right now. My current status is: student, home from uni for four months, nothing to do but work, see friends, do crafty things, play piano and just generally relax. I think the nice thing about it is that I know it won't last because eventually summer will end, and I will go back to uni where the serious work start! So I suppose I'm just trying to soak it all up! Don't get me wrong, I love university, but I'm starting to realize that next year will not be as easy and relaxed as last year was because the marks will actually count! (In the UK, first year of university marks don't only have to pass to get through to second year) 

So like I said just now, when I'm not working, I have been really enjoying playing the piano! We haven't had a piano in a long time, and I used to play when I was younger so it's nice to be have the chance to try and pick it up again. It's amazing how much I can actually remember about reading music and actually playing the piano itself. Muscle memory is a wonderful thing you know. The two songs that I've been attempting to master at the moment are 'Easy' by Lionel Richie and 'Someone Like You' by Adele. I'm getting there, slowly but surely! It's funny - when I was little, my Mum used to have to remind me constantly to practice every day and it was a huge chore for me. I was always looking for ways to get out of it. But now that I'm older, I suppose I can appreciate it a lot more, and it is enjoyable sitting down at the piano and trying to figure out a piece of new music or practicing an old one. I'm glad she nagged! 

Haha, totes sound like I think I'm a pro now don't I.... I'm definitely not. But I'm enjoying the fact that I can actually appreciate it now. That's all I'm sayin'.

What have you been up to recently?

Have a lovely day! x

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