Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tie Dye Fun

Do ya know what I love at the moment? Tie dye. I'm particularly lusting after this little number  which is sadly out of my budget,  but GORGEOUS no?

Remember Whitney from the Hills? Its from her line Whitney Eve, Spring 11 collection, and it is amazing! I was however slightly disappointed to find out that its made from jersey material and not silk like it looks in the picture. Those sneaky tie dye patterns are deceiving, and make it look like it has a satin-y shine, much like delicate silk. Anyway, I still love it nonetheless. 

So I was inspired innit. I decided to do some D.I.Y.-ing on a plain and quite frankly, boring maxi dress that I'd bought from Primark. It was just a plain blue jersey maxi before, and I transformed it into THIS!

Who knew that twisting and tying a dress with some elastic bands and dunking it in 300ml bleach mixed with 300ml of water, then leaving it for a couple of minutes, then hand washing it to get the bleach out, then letting it dry on the washing line, could create such GLORIOUS  results! I realise it isn't to every one's taste, but it is to mine and it didn't cost a thing (except for buying the actual dress ages ago, but that was like 8 pounds anyway) so WIN WIN eh? 

I just want to tie dye everything now! ...Well actually I suppose its not really tie dye though. It's probably more reverse tie dye, but still. 

What's your take on D.I.Y tie dye? 

Have a lovely day! x

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  1. This looks great! I love the colours and the effect has turned out really well.