Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Four Fashion Week Favourites

Whilst I didn't attend London Fashion Week, or any of New York, Paris or Milan's Fashion Weeks, I did manage to catch a little glimpse of what we can expect to see in Spring and Summer of 2013, courtesy of NowFashion. (I know I'm a little bit slow on the whole Fashion Week thing, but better late than never right?!) I really enjoyed watching the results of months and months of the designers' hard work, pop up on my computer screen, and there truly were some magnificent creations! 

1. Altuzarra - I loved this collection, and in particular the slightly Indian, slightly tribal, slightly nomadic (if that's the right word?) vibe that it had going on.Cool prints, loose fitting trousers, and embellishments were consistent throughout, and gold and royal blue accents featured all the way through the collection, which I loved in particular....oh if only I had the money.

2.Marchesa - This was probably my favourite collection of the ones that I saw. It's so decadent and luxurious, and the colours are absolutely beautiful! Again, there were clear Indian influences in the collection; many of the pieces, lavishly adorned with beading and crystals. Also, by the looks of it, dresses/tunics over trousers is a potential trend for SS13, interesting!

3. Massimo Rebecchi - So basically, I was drawn to this collection by the shiny fabrics. Something about those stripes, the blue and pale pink contrast, and the glossy fabric. It had me. The whole collection was very fresh, with lots of bright colours and clean lines! Looking forward to seeing how this filters down onto the highstreet! 

4. Diane von Furstenberg - DVF seems much more accessible as a brand than a lot of the other 'ready-to-wear' lines, and again she opted for a very fresh look for SS13. The stories for Massimo Rebecchi and DVF seemed very similar in terms of the colours that were used, though DVF opted for much more bold and exciting prints which I loved! So pretty! 

So there we go. Those were my four favourite collections for Spring and Summer 2013, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they are interpreted by the highstreet! Saying that, I'm very much enjoying wrapping up warm for the autumn at the moment. Look out for a post on Autumn trends, coming in the next few days! 

What were your favourite collections at Fashion Week SS13? 

Zahra x

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  1. Great post! Looking forward to hearing about your autumn trends!

    M xx