Friday, 12 October 2012

Azealia Banks

So I'm just going to jump right in. 

Azealia Banks. I really like her. I did actually mention her (here) a while ago, although at that stage I had only been aware of one of her songs, '212'. I love the way the song is catchy, but the lyrics actually make sense (after some serious translation)!

'So,' I thought, 'what else can Azealia Banks offer me?' Well, she can offer Liquorice. Alas, not the ebony penny sweet, that many (not me) know and love but, in fact, a song - called Liquorice. 

For me it was definitely one that took a while to get into; I was unsure where I stood with it at first. It had all the right characteristics, but it just wasn't grabbing me. But that hook, oh that hook. I was humming it for the rest of the day, and the next day, and the next day...and the next day.

She's not the politest of female artists, but then, since when has 'rap' ever been polite? She's just so damn cool. 

I'm going to stop here and just show you the song, because in all honesty I don't know anything about music/ rap and I feel a bit silly trying to review it in any sort of professional or technical way. Just know that I like it yeh?


My music taste varies, and I really love discovering new artists/bands, and sharing the music that I like! So, I was thinking of making this a little feature on my blog where each week I talk about an artist that I've been loving recently, and ask for new suggestions. What do you think?

Zahra x

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