Friday, 30 December 2011

Random schmandom.

I miss blogging. I don't know what's happened! I was on fire in the summer, rattling posts out like nobodies business! But then things got in the way and I got out of the habit, and I kinda lost my mojo! And then I'd find myself sitting wanting to write a post but just not being able to. My inspiration had gone out of the window and my writing just never seemed good enough! But I decided to just go for it today. I'm supposed to be writing an essay at the moment, but its just not happening. I sit down to write and I get so easily distracted by literally everything, which makes the process ten times harder! So this is what I have decided to do instead...and I'm still being productive. Kind of.

Soooo what's new with you??? There is not much to tell you from my end to be honest. The last three weeks have been spent chilling with family, eating WAY TOO MUCH food, and generally being lazy. I have an extremely long list of things which I need to do, and everyday I think 'okay, do something from the list today', and everyday I think '...maybe tomorrow'. Its not funny, and its not clever.  I'm so unmotivated its ridiculous! BUT the new year is fast approaching, and with that, a new me. Well, not a new me...but an enhanced me. I never set New Years resolutions because I never stick to them, but over the last few days I've found myself saying things like 'ooh you shouldn't really eat that...but its okay because you're going to be healthy in the new year', or 'right, in the new year you are GOING to organise yourself!'. I made a little list earlier of all the things that I want to change, and goals I want to achieve which was yet another exercise in procrastination, but helpful nevertheless. Good luck to me.

Blogging is on that list by the way.

So what else what else? Well I have been very crafty lately. My bank balance is looking very sorry, and so for Christmas, I made gifts for my family! That was fun. Stupidly I didn't take any photo's of my creations, sooo you're just going to have to believe me on this one. But next time okay?

Well, I'm going to round this off now, but talk to you soon okay! I hope you all have a lovely New Year and I wish you all the best for 2012! 

Love Zahra x

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