Monday, 16 May 2011

Word Association

It all started with a duck. 

What I love about spring time is the way that you see things that you wouldn't see at any other time of year. Take the other day for example. I was just sitting at my desk happily revising away when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I saw two little ducks waddling along the path. I immediately lept out of my chair to alert my flat mates of the exciting news...(seriously, anything is exciting when you've been sat revising all afternoon) 

They were such a cute little couple! The female was waddling along, looking all curious and cute, and the male was following closely behind, going where ever she went. It reminded me of when couples go shopping and the men blindly follow their wife or girlfriend, tired and very bored. They were like a little married couple! Anyway, this was very exciting for us because there aren't any ponds or streams it seemed extremely out of the blue! 

               A picture of the male right outside my window!! (Sorry for the rubbish quality)

I'm not an animal person really, but these ducks were very cute, and so beautiful! The male especially with its turquoise and emerald feathers!

This gave me an idea to do a kind of word association, but with pictures, using 

So I began with the word 'Turquoise'....

...and this is what came up. I like this picture. My first thought was that it looked like bacteria under a thats what I typed in. Though on reflection it probably looks more like some sort of space/galaxy/stars type thing. 

The next word as mentioned, was 'bacteria'... 

Spikey green shapes. Noice. This looks all looks very sciencey so far. My next thought for obvious reasons was 'dandelion' so that is what was typed. 

Hahahah,  get it?! Maaaaan-delion :) This made me smile, so I picked it. I love little illustration things like this. It kind of reminds me of Tim Burton who I love! He has such a distinctive style, and its all so random. Anyway, I typed in 'old man' after this.

Look at those wrinkles! He is VERY old. I picked this photograph because it has so much texture! I love black and white photos. Also, the fact that he is so old makes me think about what kind of life he might have had. He must have a lot of stories to tell! 

Anyway, I will stop there.....this could go on forever! This was a kind of random post, but I love that website ( You never know what will come up! Its quite similar to flickr infact! Funny how we have gone from ducks to old man! Oh the wonders of the brain! 

I hope you have enjoyed my first proper post...random as it was! Check back soon for more of my ramblings :)

Have a lovely day! x

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