Tuesday, 11 December 2012


These here, are a few things that have magic-ed their way onto my Christmas wish list! And funnily enough, they would go great if they were all worn together!!

1. The Nike Blazers speak for themselves in my opinion, and if I was ever lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of those I would be a very lucky lady!

2. The Gryphon NY jumper is from Oxygen Boutique who sell some gorgeous pieces from designers such as Alice + Olivia, Rebecca Minkoff, and J Brand, although there are lots of other, less well known but just as wonderful, designers that cater to every kind of fashionista! With the price tag that's attached to this baby, this would be a much more luxurious gift, but look at the gorgeous sequined collar! It's 100% worth it in my eyes...

3. I've been lusting after a pair of every day hoops for a long time. Nothing flashy, just plain silver hoops. I think there is something to be said for keeping things simple sometimes!

4. This waxed parka jacket from ASOS is lovely! It's very casual and slouchy, and the fact that it's waxed means that it's waterproof, which is perfect for the miserable drizzle we've been having lately. I can't really afford it now but hopefully I'll be able to snatch this bad boy when it goes into the sales! Oh don't worry, it will still be cold and rainy in January... and for the rest of the year!

5. YSL Parisienne is my going out scent. It's so weird whenever I spray this, my brain clicks into party mode, and I want to go out! It's such a beautiful, but kinda sexy, slightly fruity yet also musky scent... did you get all of that? Seriously, just go smell it. It was actually given as a gift, and I wouldn't have normally chosen it as a perfume, but oh my. It's good. I'll be a lucky lady if this little nugget ends up in my lap!

Send me your Christmas wish list! I'd love to see what other people are hoping for!


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