Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Hambledon

There's nothing better than going for a stroll in an unfamiliar town, and serendipitously stumbling across a shop that you would never have come across, had you not gone out. That is what happened to me on Monday when I was out in Winchester with some friends, and I came across a lovely little shop called 'The Hambledon'. 

After going for a scrumptious lunch at 'The Slug and Lettuce', we decided, rather than go ice skating, which had been the original plan, it would be a better idea to amble around the shops and see what little treats we might come across! There are all sorts of shops in Winchester from larger well known chains like 'River Island' and 'The White Company', to smaller independent shops like 'The Hambledon'.
(For those of you who live near Winchester, and might have the chance to go in, 'The Hambledon' can be found just off the main high street on the corner of Great Minster St. and The Square.... probably best to Google Maps it though!)

I had never seen or heard of 'The Hambledon' before, but even looking at it from the outside, I knew it would be my kind of shop! I was drawn in by the beautiful window displays which give a taste of what can be discovered inside, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!  From amazing craft books, to delicate glass ware, to sweet smelling candles, 'The Hambledon' encompasses everything that I love!

As you go into the shop, you really get the sense that every detail has been thought of, even down to the  distressed wooden floors and the beautiful furniture to display the various wares on offer. It has a wonderfully vintage feel about it, and one day, when I have a house of my own... I want it to look exactly like the inside of this shop!

There are a few levels to this shop with the lower level selling home wares, and interior decor books, an  upper level selling more arty, crafty bits like letter writing sets and lomography cameras, and a third floor selling beautiful women's wear! There is also men's wear section downstairs, but I was so wrapped up in the craft books, clothes, and scented candles that I didn't get a chance to go down and see! There is also a little beauty section selling soaps in beautiful bottles and  nail varnishes in an array of weird and wonderful colours! So pretty!

This really is such a lovely shop, and whoever is in charge of the visual merchandising has done an amazing job! Not only this but the sales assistants were really lovely and helpful and all in all I would highly recommend a visit, even if it were only for a browse! 

This is a little book that I bought as a Christmas present for my brother's girlfriend, although, I kind of want to keep it for myself! ....I may be returning for some cheeky purchases of my own when Christmas has been and gone!

Check out their website here to see some of the cool stuff they sell! Who knows, you might find a last minute Christmas present for someone... or yourself?


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