Tuesday, 19 June 2012

When the lights go out...

So yesterday we had a power cut which started at 4ish, and didn't stop until...well I don't know when because I went to sleep! Luckily it's working again today though PANIC OVER. But it really made me realise how much we rely on electricity to function properly on a day to day basis! Seriously, I didn't know what to do with myself. I was just happily surfing the web, wasting time on my lappy-t (this is the name that my friend and I occasionally use for our laptops...it works for other words too - cardy-g...cardigan, facey-b...facebook. Fantastic fun...) when all of a sudden BOOM, the power was out. 

"But what about the battery power on your laptop?!" I hear you cry. Well my laptop is about 4 years old...and the battery is frazzled, so it now relys whole-heartedly on the power cable, to survive. Almost like its on life support. Actually, exactly like its on life support. I tried to resuscitate it (by pressing the 'on' button) but to no avail. 'So' I thought, 'what to do?'. It was at this moment that I realised how reliant I had become on my laptop, and the TV to entertain myself. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy doing other things, like crafts for example, but I always have my laptop playing music while I'm doing those things. Also reading is something that I love, but I generally only read at night before bed!

But reading looked like the best option, and I had just finished the book that I had been reading previously, 'The Buddha of Suburbia' (it was okay, amusing in places, but I wasn't gripped by the story). So I selected the next book on my reading list, which is one of the ones that I have been meaning to read for a long time 'The Great Gatsby'. 

It's one of those classics that everyone always goes on about, and so I thought that now would be the perfect time to read it! And how cool its the cover! I'm quite enjoying it so far though it's completely different to what I thought it would be about; for some reason I was convinced that The Great Gatsby was a ship. Not quite sure why... Anyway, I'm sure it will provide some enjoyable reading over the next few days! 

It's also the little things like boiling the kettle and heating up food which is massively taken for granted on a day to day basis. But as soon as the power is out, making a cup of tea suddenly becomes much more of an activity. I know it probably sounds like I'm making a huge deal out of boiling some water in a pan but I think I sometimes forget that this is what a kettle does. Normally I just press the button and walk away and then when I come back its boiled....no need to worry if the heat is too high and the water might boil over. Having said this it was quite nice to do things the long way for a change. 

When it got a bit darker, we lit candles everywhere, had our torches ready and sat down for a game of scrabble. It was all very quaint and cosy. And I WON! ....that's a lie, I came second. Still, it was a very enjoyable game, and nice to spend time with the fam!

These were horrible letters to have. I ended up coming second though!
Anyway, that's all for now! Let me know if you have any other fun power cut activities! 

Zahra x

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