Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Material Girl

It is currently the 'end of year exams' period for most students in the UK whether you are at school, college or university and I think we can all agree...these are stressful times. Sooo whilst I realise that with an exam looming tomorrow, I should be cramming those last little bits of knowledge into my brain, I feel it's important to relax, and chill out.... So obviously, me and my flat mate are sat in my room talking about things we would buy if money wasn't an issue. It all came up because we were discussing the woes of pre-exam stress, and talking about how amazing it would be if it all paid off, we actually did really well (fingers crossed!) and ended up being young and rich and successful/ rich and successful at some point in our lives. This is the goal. :) we'll see. Anyway yer, so we were talking about what we would buy and we both said different things, she said lots of nice holidays and I said Louboutins. I realise this makes me sounds very materialistic, but the whole point of the conversation was to be materialistic and Louboutins are what I want I say!! I think they would probably be one of the first nice things I would buy to treat myself, .... not like where I've saved up to buy a pair, but where I can actually afford to spend £500 willy nilly, and think nothing of it. How amazing would that be?! In which case I have A LOT of hard work ahead of me! 

So we decided to go online and drool over the the different styles and colours of Louboutin....and then I stupidly made the bold statement "By the time I'm 27 I will own a pair of Louboutins, not where I've saved, but where I can afford them." She is holding me to this. Unlikely.  

Procrastinating even further, I decided to make a list of things that I would like to own at some point in my life.

Statement Louboutins...or Cinderella shoes as I would call them.

 Classic black Louboutins...

...and obviously a nude pair aswell. 

I was going to do bags as well, but i'll save that for another day when I don't have an exam tomorrow!! :/ woops....
What would you buy if money wasn't an issuse? Hope you've enjoyed this post!

Have a lovely day! x

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