Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Feast for the Eyes!

I miss Australia. *sigh*  As mentioned in an earlier post, I went to Melbourne last summer for a month and it was uhhhmazing! It was their winter, which is actually surprisingly colder than you would think! But it was fine for me as I am not a very good at coping in hot weather...I tend to get all hot and bothered...and according to my family, I pull this grimace which is completely unintentional, but which occurs whenever the temperature goes above 20 degrees or there abouts. I digress. So I was looking back through the photo's and I was reminded of some of the amazing graffiti that I discovered in Melbourne!!

I was told by a few people that the best way to explore a city is to just walk around with no specific purpose in mind except to get a bit lost. So that's what I did; with my ipod, some comfy shoes and a bottle of water, I set off out to explore Melbourne. Melbourne is a huge city and there is no way that you can fully experience it in one day, but I had a little taste on that one day and loved it! I had heard that there were some great little streets with graffiti and one particularly famous one called ACDC lane, named after the band ACDC who are actually Australian themselves! I had no idea. Anyway, this was the only place that I had specifically wanted to see so I set off in search, and found so many other cool things along the way! Here are a few of the snaps I took :) 

 Apparently, I was told, that trainers hung on a wire like this are a sign that drug dealers operate in the area? Can anyone confirm this for me? I think this has probably just been done for effect but I could be wrong. :/

It's all so coooool!!! It's not like the rubbishy graffiti that you see which are just 'tags' or squiggles as I would rather call them. These are actually art in my opinion and there was so much to see; it was a feast for the eyes!

What are your views on street art/graffiti? Hope you've enjoyed! 

Have a lovely day! x

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  1. It's in England, but still :) x