Tuesday, 24 May 2011

'Cause baby you were NOT born this way.'

I had actually planned a completely different post for this evening, but I came across this picture today and oh how this woman annoys me! She is just ridiculous. I'm talking about Lady Gaga if you hadn't already recognised her under that ridiculous costume.

Now I'm all for individuality and I agree with the point that she seems to be trying to make with her image and recent track 'Born This Way'. The message seems to be that it's okay to be different and to just 'be who you are'. ...That's all fine. But surely she contradicts herself in creating such average, main stream music? She dresses in these weird costumes and puts on this front that this is who she is and blah blah blah, but doesn't it just seem fake?! If she truly believed in the message she is sending, it would be reflected in her music as well as her dress. But then perhaps she wouldn't be so successful. In reality she is just after money and attention and publicity, and so if making repetitive mainstream music means that she can get all of that then apparently that's what she will do! Fair enough I suppose, she needs to make a living, but I just feel like she's making such a big deal about being all different and it's just TOO MUCH I tell you! Don't get me wrong, I will acknowledge that she is actually quite a talented musician and I think its great that she writes her own music. And its catchy music too. That's her trick you see, she writes catchy music and lures you in, and you can't help but sing along...though every time I find my self singing or bopping along to her music, I realise and then get angry all over again! I did actually used to like her, and I felt like every one gave her a bit of a hard time. But her new album....just no. It's too much, she's gone too far, its not cool, no. NO! I could go on but I will stop. I'm sure there will be plenty of people who disagree with me, but I hope there are some out there who agree with me??

Here are a few more of her ridiculous outfits! 

Remember the meat dress...what the EFF!

She used to have a good level of uniqueness, and I actually really liked the whole geometric shapes thing that she did for a while!

See I can appreciate these! They're interesting aesthetically pleasing and still fairly 'normal'. 

I suppose though, then some could argue, what is 'normal'....and that the only reason why she is seen as 'ridiculous' is because she doesn't conform to the boundaries of society...?

Nope. I'm standing by my original argument. She contradicts herself and her message, and she's fake. Like when she came out with her second album all of a sudden she had horns on her face and body....its just a whole new level of crazy! 

Haha, I thought I'd just put in this one last photo 'cause its just funny. Does anyone else think she looks like the gimp in Pulp Fiction? Mega lol. 

What are your views on meat dresses and gimp outfits?

Hope you've enjoyed!

Have a lovely day! x

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  1. Hey Zahra,

    I'm gonna disagree with you on this one! Whilst I do agree that her music and clothes contradict each other, I think that her image is an integral part of her act. And yes, it is an act! Like most musicians (or most celebrities in fact) they act a certain way, and project a certain image in order to gain fans.

    I know that Lady Gaga has taken this to a new extreme but you have to ask yourself, would we even know who she is if she had not been so radical?! Yes, her songs are catchy etc. but if she had not presented herself as something different to all the other catchy music out there would she have even had a look in?

    I actually like Lady Gaga's individuality and creative-ness! Yes, of course it is all fake but so are most musicians, it is just that Lady Gaga's fakeness is more obvious as it is so extreme!