Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Oh heyy Paris!

I have been slightly absent over the last week. Forgive me darling, forgive me. My excuse is that I have been jet setting off to Paris.....well, Eurostar-ing and it was only once, but still, I traveled to Paris. So yer, I have been away innit. That answers what and some extent, now let's talk about why shall we? Well, I am lucky enough to have a friend who has a flat in Paris so she invited me to come and stay with her for a few days. It was lovely and we saw all the sights and I ate lots of nice food, and took lots of nice photo's! Couldn't have asked for more! So here are a couple of photo's of my travels! :)

Paris is beautiful, and I love it okay? 

I have a lot more posts lined up so stay tuned! 

Have a lovely day! x

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